What is the pipe fitting of hydraulic fittings?

Date:18 Mar 2021

Pipe fittings are used to connect hydraulic components […]

Pipe fittings are used to connect hydraulic components and transport hydraulic oil. It should ensure sufficient strength, no leakage, good sealing performance, low pressure loss, and easy disassembly and assembly.

It includes tubing and pipe joints.

Commonly used oil pipes include steel pipes, copper pipes, plastic pipes, nylon pipes, and rubber hoses.

Choose the tubing according to the working conditions and pressure of the hydraulic device. The selection of the inner diameter d of the tubing should be based on the premise of reducing the flow rate and reducing the pressure loss;

The tube wall thickness δ is not only related to the working pressure, but also related to the tube material.

Pipe joints are detachable connections between oil pipes and hydraulic components, and between oil pipes and oil pipes.

Pipe joints and other hydraulic components are connected with national standard metric taper threads and ordinary fine pitch threads. Commonly used pipe joints are flared, welded, ferrule, rubber hose joints, and quick joints.More about:TAPER PIPE THREADS NPTF HEX COUPLING