Is there a difference between hydraulic accessories and hydraulic accessories?

Date:12 Mar 2021

What is the difference between hydraulic accessories an […]

What is the difference between hydraulic accessories and hydraulic accessories:

If it is not strict, in fact, hydraulic accessories and hydraulic accessories are the same. We use some accessories in the hydraulic system, but some people call it hydraulic. All accessories are called hydraulic accessories, some people call them hydraulic accessories.

Hydraulic fittings are divided into steel hydraulic fittings, brass fittings, aluminum fittings and plastic fittings. According to different applications, the market is divided into fittings that extend or terminate the length of pipes, fittings that increase or change direction, and hydraulic fittings that connect smaller-sized pipes.

But according to the strict distinction of the hydraulic industry, there are still some differences. Hydraulic accessories are composed of hydraulic accessories. Hydraulic accessories are relatively large accessories for hydraulic systems. For example, some hydraulic filters, hydraulic filters, oil return filters, HY37 filters. Hydraulic accessories refer to relatively small volumes, such as pressure gauges. Pressure measuring hoses and joints, KF pressure gauge switches, HF series miniature high-pressure hose joint components, etc. are all hydraulic accessories.More about:HYDRAULIC FITTINGS METRIC O-RING