• What kind of transition joint works better?

    The application requires not only that the transition joint can function normally all the time and adjust the medium condition of the system when needed, but also that it can be used for a long time, and is not prone to failure, especially to damage the structure. In order to fully meet such application requirements, it is necessary to meet the following requirements: good material. Material plays a decisive role in the use of fittings such as transition joints, which will greatly affect the functional reliability and service life of the joints. It is necessary to have excellent material to fully meet the application needs of the joints. Advanced technology. Because the transition joint needs to be installed in a specific location of the system pipeline to use, so it needs to be installed normally before it can play its hungry function, which requires that it is accurate enough in size, there is no excessive error. Design optimization. The problems existing in the structural details of transition joints will have a certain impact on their use effect. Therefore, it is necessary to meet the requirements of process as far as possible, ensure the optimized production and processing, and ensure the high quality of structural optimization, in order to fully meet the application requirements. It is necessary to meet the above requirements of transition joints, in order to fully meet the application requirements, the performance in the application will be very good.

  • What problems should we pay attention to when choosing rotary joint?

    If we want to choose the type of rotary joint, we must first look at the type of equipment connected with the rotary joint. The input and output media of the equipment are different. Double-pass and single-pass rotary joint are selected according to the input and output of the equipment.

    The input and output of equipment also depends on the passage of the rotary joint. The passage of the rotary joint must also be mastered accurately, otherwise the rotary joint will be congested.

    If there are many places where the output and input media are located in the equipment, then the multi-channel rotary joint is chosen, and the multi-channel rotary joint operates in different ways of the input and output of the media.

    The connection of the equipment also confirms the type of penetration of the rotary joint, such as the embedded type, the size of ribs, and the rotation direction of the rotary joint. Be sure to remember the rotation direction of the rotary joint, otherwise the wrong connection will not be installed.

  • What are the precautions for the use of gas fast joints?

    Fluid must flow from sleeve side to plug side.

    Please use sealing material for external threads of control threads.

    When installing threads, do not exceed the tightening torque to prevent damage.

    Do not use for use other than fast fluid joints.

    Do not use for fluids other than fluids.

    Please do not connect with other fast fluid joints.

    Do not exceed ** pressure limit when using.

    Do not use outside the use temperature range to prevent abrasion or leakage of sealing materials.

    Do not hit, bend, stretch or damage artificially.

    Do not mix in metal powder or sand and other places to use, to prevent bad work or leakage.

    If the attachment of sundries will cause bad work or leakage.

    Do not use in places where gas is trapped.

    When there is an open fire nearby, please do not carry out loading and unloading operations.

    When tempering occurs, replace it with a new product.

    When installing hoses, **** do not stain with oil to prevent natural fire.

    When the hose is re-installed, the end of the hose is cut off from more than 3 cm.

    Be careful

    Do not use for use other than fast fluid joints.

    Insert the hose firmly into the root of the joint and fix it with hose belt or nut.

    In order to prevent the occupancy of water, it should be kept indoors.

    Do not use cracked hose to prevent leakage and fall off.

    Leakage inspection should be carried out before use. In case of leakage, use should be stopped immediately and replaced with new products.

    The valves of the gas welding torch should be confirmed to be closed before connecting.

    Welding should pay attention to the use of a period of time, to conduct joint and pipeline safety checks to see if there is leakage.