What are the maintenance misunderstandings of hydraulic accessories?

Date:25 Mar 2021

In order to make hydraulic accessories work better, mai […]

In order to make hydraulic accessories work better, maintenance is necessary. So, how to maintain hydraulic parts, and what maintenance methods are wrong?

1. Open and clean up every day.

In the general environment, the hydraulic fittings may not need to be cleaned every day. If they are disassembled and assembled too frequently, the dust will mix in and wear out the cylinder and other fittings. The internal structure of the paper dry filter is composed of multiple layers of fibers. The three-dimensional structure achieves greater dirt holding and higher filtration accuracy through the three-dimensional orientation. Through the professional test of the engine manufacturer, the filtering effect of the new filter is sometimes not as good as that of the old filter. Generally, the filtering effect of the 60% dirty filter is the best. Because part of the dust occupies the air inlet channel of the filter, smaller particles of dust can be prevented from entering the filter. So don't rush to clean the filter every day, it is best to wait until the filter alarms before cleaning.

2. Pay attention when cleaning hydraulic accessories.

Don't beat the filter hard, expect to clean it as clean as possible. Since the filter is a bit dirty, the filtering effect is better, why bother tossing back and forth, or hurting the filter paper? When you blow it up, it blows from the inside to the outside, which in turn is unhelpful, and the dust that was originally blocked is blown in for you. Do not use other solvents to clean the filter.

3. The air filter alarm circuit or instructions must be guaranteed to work properly. Some customers may think that it does not matter if the two thin wires are connected or not. Just pay attention to the air filter. In fact, it is more worry-free and better for the machine. . If it is blocked or the alarm is abnormal, there will be insufficient power and black smoke.

The structural parts of the hydraulic fitting system:

In hydraulic transmission, a hydraulic system composed of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic control valves, hydraulic actuators (hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors, etc.) and hydraulic accessories (pipes and accumulators, etc.). The hydraulic pump converts the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the liquid. The hydraulic control valve and hydraulic accessories control the pressure, flow and flow direction of the hydraulic medium, and transfer the pressure energy output by the hydraulic pump to the actuator, and the actuator converts the liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy To complete the required action.