Matters needing attention in repairing hydraulic system

Date:14 Jul 2021

After the hydraulic system has been used for a certain […]

After the hydraulic system has been used for a certain number of years, due to each additional phenomenon or obstacle, the adjustment method cannot be given up at this time. You can repair the decomposition or change the components, remove it and then clean and replace the seal or spring. This is simple and easy to repair. Please pay attention to the main decomposition and repair. You may wish to go to the factory or the relevant main repair shop for inspection.

In the inspection and repair, there must be good documentation, and it can be concluded that the equipment is often used on the spare parts. When repairing. Commonly used to prepare the following parts including hydraulic cylinder seals, pump shaft seals, O-rings, solenoid valves and pressure reducing valve springs, pressure gauges, pipeline filter elements, pipe fittings, hoses, and pipelines made of various electromagnets and accumulators The gap and other components. For the rest, the materials required for the inspection must be prepared.

During the test of the hydraulic system, the working area of ​​the decomposition inspection should be kept clean, and the car should be cleaned; during the inspection, the hydraulic pressure should be discharged in the hydraulic system in chronological order, and the principle of the hydraulic system should be studied carefully under unique conditions. , The oil can be discarded clean in the hydraulic system.

Before the deoiling pipe, the tubing at the connection part should be cleaned up front, back and forth; after disassembly, it is unwilling to use clean plastic or paraffin paper in the tubing well. Cotton yarn or rags should not be used to block the tubing. At the same time, pay attention to prevent impurities from mixing. Before using O-rings or other seals, they should be immersed in oil. When in use, they should be equipped or equipped. The back sealing ring should not be twisted, and the smooth function during sliding should be ensured.

When installing hydraulic components or pipe joints, do not use excessive tightening force. In order to prevent the deformation of the hydraulic component housing, the spool valve cannot slide the spool and the oil spill of the joint. If the moving parts (cylinders, etc.) of the fluid may fall under the action of gravity, it should be used to keep the moving parts tightly together.