5 matters needing attention in the use of hydraulic pumps

Date:22 Jul 2021

Customers want to know about it and understand the prod […]

Customers want to know about it and understand the product knowledge before they can use the product well
Precautions for hydraulic pump connection

  ① The hydraulic pump can be installed with a support or a flange. The pump and the prime mover should use a common foundation support, and the flange and foundation should have sufficient rigidity. Special attention: Plunger pumps with a flow rate greater than (or equal to) 160L/min should not be installed on the fuel tank.

        ② The hydraulic pump and the prime mover output shaft should be connected by a flexible coupling. It is strictly forbidden to install a pulley or gear to drive the hydraulic pump on the hydraulic pump shaft. If a pulley or gear must be used to connect the pump, a pair of supports should be added. To install the pulley or gear, the coaxiality error between the support and the pump shaft should not be greater than Φ0.05mm.

  ③ The suction pipe should be as short as possible, straight, large, and thick. The suction pipe generally needs to be equipped with a coarse filter with a nominal flow rate not less than twice the pump flow rate (the filtering accuracy is generally 80-180μm). The drain pipe of the hydraulic pump should be directly connected to the oil tank, and the back pressure of the oil return should not be greater than 0.05 MPa. The oil suction pipe port and the oil return pipe port of the oil pump must be less than 200mm of the lowest oil surface of the oil tank. Pay special attention to the installation of oil filters on the oil suction pipe of the plunger pump. The diameter of the stop valve on the oil suction pipe should be one block larger than the diameter of the oil suction pipe.

  ④ The oil inlet and outlet ports of the hydraulic pump should be installed firmly, and the sealing device should be reliable. Otherwise, air intake or oil leakage will occur, which will affect the performance of the hydraulic pump.

        ⑤ The self-priming height of the hydraulic pump does not exceed 500mm (or the imported vacuum does not exceed 0.03MPa). If a charge pump is used for oil supply, the oil supply pressure must not exceed 0.5MPa. When the oil supply pressure exceeds 0.5MPa, pressure-resistant seals should be used. ring. For plunger pumps, back-filling and self-priming should be used as much as possible.