How to polish stainless steel fittings?

Date:05 Nov 2020

The automatic magnetic deburring and polishing machine […]

The automatic magnetic deburring and polishing machine bai mainly polishes precision parts such as turning processing, stamping, die-casting, CNC, machining, etc., removing burrs, chamfering, polishing, cleaning and other precision grinding work at one time. It only takes 3-15 minutes to complete! Does not damage the precision of the workpiece! Irregular parts, inside holes, inside pipes, dead corners, gaps, etc. can all be ground.

Suzhou Aochen deburring magnetic polishing machine, magnetic grinding machine, magnetic deburring, (zinc, aluminum, copper, titanium, stainless steel) precision small parts inner hole, gap, dead corner grinding, polishing, cleaning, deburring, etc.

Equipment introduction:

Magnetic polishing machine-uses the power of a magnetic field to guide the abrasive material (magnetic needle) to quickly rotate and grind the workpiece to achieve high-efficiency deburring (batch front), surface polishing, brightening, cleaning, oxide film removal, sintering marks, Grinding effect such as rust removal.

●The surface of the workpiece is polished, polished and smooth

●Deburring, burrs, burrs, burrs

●To remove the oxide film

●Remove traces of sintering and restore the original color of metal

●Clean and remove metal processing chips and slag

●Swivel and rounded edges

●Optimize surface plating and electric welding

●Removal of paint on metal surface

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