The difference between hydraulic machine parts and hydraulic rig parts

Date:14 Nov 2020

The hydraulic press is a kind of machine that uses liqu […]

The hydraulic press is a kind of machine that uses liquid as the working medium and is made according to the principle of Pascal to transfer du energy to realize various processes. The hydraulic press is generally composed of the machine (host), power system and hydraulic control system. Hydraulic presses are classified into valve hydraulic presses, liquid hydraulic presses, and engineering hydraulic presses.


Hydraulic drilling rig is a type of hydraulic machinery. A drilling rig that uses oil pressure to drive and control all moving parts. This type of drilling rig uses a high-pressure variable oil pump and a variable oil motor to achieve stepless speed change, which can simplify the transmission mechanism and remove the gear box, which not only reduces the weight of the rig, but also makes full use of power. At the same time, the drilling rig has high speed, stable work, convenient and safe operation, easy to realize automation and instrumentation, and it has good adaptability to high-speed and small-diameter drilling (such as diamond drilling) and engineering drilling with large torque and low speed. However, the processing and manufacturing of hydraulic components of this kind of drilling rig is more complicated, and the requirements for use and maintenance are relatively high. According to its structure, it can be divided into vertical shaft type full hydraulic drilling rig and power head type full hydraulic drilling rig. Fully hydraulic drilling rigs have been widely used internationally, and they are also the main direction for the development of new-type drilling rigs in China.

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