What are the accessories of the reducer

Date:24 Oct 2020

1. Peephole and peephole cover: Due to the limitation o […]

1. Peephole and peephole cover: Due to the limitation of the collective inner wall spacing, the size of the peephole is selected to be 90mm long and 60mm wide. The size of the cover is 120mm long and 90mm wide. Six M6×16 full-thread bolts are distributed around the cover plate. In order to prevent dirt from entering the body and lubricating oil splashing out, a leak-proof gasket should be added under the cover. Considering that the amount of splashing oil is not large, a paper seal oil ring made of asbestos rubber paper can be used. Considering the casting process of the cover plate, the cast iron cover plate with boss is selected.

2. Ventilator: In order to prevent the increase of air pressure in the body caused by the body seal, the lubricant leaks from the gap and the seal, and the seal fails. Therefore, a ventilation device is added to the boss of the peephole cover. Since the reducer works in the indoor environment of the plot, the vent plug with a simple structure can be selected, and its specification is M22×1.5.
3. Oil drain hole and oil drain screw plug: In order to drain the dirty oil in the oil sump when changing the oil and clean the oil sump, an oil drain should be opened at the lowest point of the oil sump at the bottom of the machine base. In order to achieve the effect of quickly draining the oil, the specification of the oil drain plug is M20×1.5. Considering that it is located at the bottom of the oil sump and requires a good sealing effect, the seal ring is made of leather seal oil ring made of industrial leather.
4. Oil level indicator: In order to monitor the oil level in the oil sump at any time to determine whether the gear is in a normal lubrication state, an oil level indicator is required. In this reducer, a rod-type oil dipstick is selected and placed on the side wall of the machine base. The oil dipstick model is M12.
5. Lifting ears and hooks: In order to facilitate assembly, disassembly and transportation, set lifting ears on the machine cover and hooks on the machine base. The lifting eyes are used to open the cover, and the hooks are used to carry the entire reducer. Taking into account the diameter of the steel wire used for lifting, the diameter of the lifting lugs and hooks are both 20mm.
6. Locating pin: The body of this reducer is split. In order to ensure the processing and assembly accuracy of the bearing seat hole, after the cover and the frame are connected by bolts, before boring, on the connecting flange of the cover and the frame Should be equipped with positioning pins. The positioning pins are tapered pins, which are arranged on the joint surfaces of the joint flanges on both sides of the machine body in an asymmetric arrangement. The taper pin model is GB117-86 A6×35.
7. Lifting screw: In order to improve the sealing performance, water glass or sealant is often applied to the joint surface of the connecting flange of the machine cover and the machine base. Therefore, the coupling is tight and not easy to separate. In order to facilitate the removal of the cover, a cover bolt is set on the flange of the cover. Take its specification as M10×22. The thread length is 16mm, and there is a 6mm long cylinder at the end.

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