What is the widely used standard of hydraulic accessories

Date:26 Dec 2020

The working principle of the hydraulic power driven hyd […]

The working principle of the hydraulic power driven hydraulic fittings system requires the use of components divided into sources (such as pumps), controls (such as valves) and actuators (such as cylinders). The good hydraulic oil flow between these components ensures the function of the hydraulic joint. The editor will go to introduce the widely used standards of hydraulic accessories.

Standards for extensive use of hydraulic accessories

There are many ways to guide or maintain the interaction between components, but generally speaking, the commonly used method is to provide a threaded port in each component, provide an internal threaded fixing nut on each pipe or tube, and then two Each joint is matched and connected with the external thread by a separate joint.

Adapters are also known as hydraulic accessories. Over time, the complexity of hydraulic machinery ensures that more hydraulic accessories enter the hydraulic system, thereby reducing the similarity between each other, but their basic working principles are the same. It is the material used in the manufacturing process, assuming the shape factor, which is different from the complex hydraulic system design.

There are many types of hydraulic connections. Commonly used accessories include all metals, O-rings and hydraulic flanges. Although the all-metal grade of hydraulic joints is completely made of metal, the O-ring grade is made of rubber.