When choosing hardware accessories, you must see the details of the material and workmanship

Date:18 Dec 2020

Decoration is a very cumbersome task, ranging from buil […]

Decoration is a very cumbersome task, ranging from building materials, furniture, bathroom supplies, to small hardware accessories such as door locks, door hinges, door suctions, bath towel pendants, and rails.

Although hardware accessories will not affect the overall decoration effect, they play a vital role in future use.

The choice of hardware accessories depends on the material and workmanship

Common hardware accessories are mainly made of copper, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and iron, and their prices vary greatly. At present, stainless steel hardware is the most used for home decoration, but stainless steel has the disadvantages of impure material and easy to print water stains. Now many families start to use aluminum alloy accessories.

It is understood that the aluminum materials claimed by some merchants on the market are actually alloy materials containing aluminum, which are mixed with other components such as silicon and magnesium. The thickness of the surface film and the surface treatment process often affect the price of the material. And quality. The surface treatment processes mainly include oxidation, frosting, electroplating, wood grain and baking varnish, etc., and the prices of products vary greatly.

The common aluminum alloy materials on the market are mainly aluminum-magnesium alloy and alumina. The price difference between the two is nearly one-third. Because the surfaces of alumina and aluminum-magnesium alloy materials look similar, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish between them. , But it can still be judged from the feel and water stains. The aluminum-magnesium alloy material is relatively heavy, the surface is relatively smooth, is not prone to water stain marks, and has good toughness. The alumina material has a rough surface and is prone to blackening or water stains. At the same time, if there are slight scratches on the surfaces of the two, the aluminum-magnesium alloy material is easy to wipe off, while the aluminum oxide is difficult to remove. In addition, the price of door handles varies greatly due to different hole distances and models.

Hardware accessories processing

Beware of stainless steel becoming "stainless iron"

Some citizens reported that when buying stainless steel accessories, they found that some of them were made of stainless steel, that is, a lot of iron was mixed into stainless steel materials, and the price difference was nearly doubled. Take the bath towel rack as an example. The average price of stainless steel is 200 yuan each, while the price of stainless steel is only 70 yuan each. The two are basically the same on the surface, but the surface of stainless steel is brighter, and the use time of stainless steel is one. Long, the surface tends to become black and rusty.

In addition, there are some counterfeit products that use low-quality aluminum alloy as the raw material, and the surface is plated with a layer of bright metal, pretending to be high-grade stainless steel. To judge these two materials, the public can knock the surface when buying. If it makes a crisp sound, it is mostly stainless steel. The sound is dull, it is likely to be "clothed" aluminum alloy.More about:hydraulic fittings Factory