What is the purpose of cable glands?

Date:24 Dec 2021

Cable glands use inserts to achieve the level Threads r […]

Cable glands use inserts to achieve the level Threads reducer of approvals required for application and industries.  We have many to choose from including Buna-N, FKM, Silicone (red) and Silicone (Blue – FDA compliant). Each has a specific protection that it is produced for. What is Buna-N? Buna-N or Nitrile rubber is a synthetically produced, petroleum-based rubber ideal for seals, gaskets and o-rings. Buna-N is highly versatile rubber.


Also known as acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) it’s used in countless applications and products ylon cable glands come standard with Buna-N inserts and provide a high level of protection. FKM is an ASTM designation for the class of fluorinated, carbon-based synthetic rubber, also known as Fluoroelastomer.


FKM is designed for acids and chemicals and used in our stainless steel and PDVF cable glands. Silicone Red is ideal for high and low temperature applications. Silicone Red is well suited for commercial ovens, glass manufacturing, as well as with low temperature applications.


This insert has operating temperature -60°C to 200°C (-76°F to 392°F) providing a huge range of temperature protections. Silicone Blue is excellent for filling gaps and sealing. Because if of its sealing ability it can be used in spray down cleaning operations and used with or Hygienic cable glands used in food processing and packaging. Our hygienic glands are designed for foam washdown or spray down processes.