How to select the reducer?

Date:05 Mar 2021

According to the size of the gear surface hardness of t […]

According to the size of the gear surface hardness of the gear reducer, the gear reducer is divided into a hard-tooth surface reducer and a soft-tooth surface reducer. There is basically no difference between the two in terms of appearance design and structure. The key is the gear, There are certain differences in the post-production of the forged raw materials of the scroll rods, resulting in different loads, service life and application areas of the two commodities.

Generally speaking, the gears of high-power gear reducers are all made of forged materials with high hardness, such as 45 steel. After the nitriding heat treatment process is selected, the hardness is higher than 350HBS, and the hardness is higher than this. The gear reducer is called a hardened gear reducer. Hard-tooth surface gear reducers are not only the gears with high hardness, but the hardness of the output shaft and key-in shaft is also much higher than that of general gear reducers.

Due to the large output power, the raw material of the housing is made of pig iron, which can be very good. Adapt to the vibration and impact force caused by high load. The service life is longer, suitable for high-load equipment applications. Due to the improvement of raw materials and industrial production, the price of hard-tooth surface reducer is relatively higher. The soft tooth surface product series are general products where the gears have not undergone the hardness production process or the precision has not met the requirements of the hard tooth surface. The main purpose of the soft tooth surface reducer is very common, and it is very common in various automatic packaging machines, conveyors and other small output equipment.

Its processing technology is simple, the relatively cheap price is also in line with customer regulations, and it is currently the most widely used product on the market. When purchasing a gear reducer, you must first know whether the product you have selected can meet the requirements. For example, if a soft-tooth surface reducer can be used, you don’t need to spend money to buy a hard-tooth surface reducer. The function is all the same, just An application under high power and high load, general transmission system products with soft tooth surface are sufficient to solve the problem.More about:5000 SERIES HOT SALE TAPER PIPE THREADS NPTF HEX COUPLING