What is a hard tooth surface automatic reducer?

Date:06 Feb 2021

In our country, we have mastered the design and manufac […]

In our country, we have mastered the design and manufacturing technology of the high-end wind power transmission system of the hard tooth surface Threads reducer , and have the working ability of material development and design. The sound reduction technology in our country has been greatly improved, and there are better technical modifications, instead of building most of the current sound reduction technology; but for this type of overseas sound reduction technology, China suggests A recognized opinion. There are a lot of motor components, installation positions and structural plans, and you can choose unbridled speed ratios and various structural forms according to your actual needs. Using high-quality section steel raw materials, steel cast iron housing, gear overview has undergone high-frequency thermal setbacks.

Independent product development has special AC servo motors for tapping machines. In addition to the overproduction of 115mw wind power generation growth rate boxes, 2-3MW wind power generation gearboxes have also begun to be produced and used in computer installations. Ribbed high-rigidity pig iron shell; hard-tooth surface gears are made of high-quality carbon steel. Overview After nitriding heat treatment, hard-bottomed frustration, grinding gear deep processing, stable transmission system, low noise, large bearing capacity, low temperature rise and long life.

Design standards for hardened gear reducer gears:

1. In the case of gear design, the first step must be in accordance with the fatigue strength standards in the production of tooth surfaces, and then the index circle of the gear must be measured and the index of the key geometric figures, main parameters and other indexes, and then the bending fatigue resistance of the transmission gear The intensity is adjusted and determined. If the hard tooth surface (tooth surface strength> 350HBS) is used, then appropriate adjustment must be carried out according to the gear bending fatigue strength standard, and then the index of the gear displacement coefficient is clarified, and then the tooth surface Touch fatigue strength.

2. In the case of hard tooth surface design, the design measurement must be carried out in accordance with the bending fatigue strength to clarify the main parameters and specifications of the gear design of the hard tooth surface reducer.

3. Open-type transmission system: For this type of gear, only the bending fatigue strength of the gear teeth must be measured, and the key to appropriately expanding the deformation coefficient is that the wear rate must be pre-embedded in the design, so that the specific can be considered. Application requirements. Closed test drive system: In the case of design, the soft tooth surface must be designed and calculated based on the contact fatigue strength of the tooth surface, so that the main parameters and specifications of the gear can be clarified.