Why hydraulic technology is more widely used than pneumatic technology

Date:20 Mar 2020

What is the main difference between hydraulic and pneum […]

What is the main difference between hydraulic and pneumatic? Why is hydraulic technology more widely used?

Hydraulic systems are often used for high forces and require positional height. The hydraulic system moves relatively slowly, but can withstand higher loads. Installation and maintenance of hydraulic systems are generally relatively more complex and costly. An oil storage tank is used to store the oil that can be drawn from the system when it is insufficient.

The main difference between hydraulic and pneumatic is the medium used to transfer power.

Pneumatic systems are used for relatively small forces, faster movements and where rigidity is not required. Regardless of stroke or load resistance, the forces on the pneumatic components are very controlled (forces proportional to pressure). This is useful to avoid crushing or pinching fragile items. Relatively speaking, installation and maintenance are less complicated, expensive and time consuming. In a pneumatic system, air can simply be drawn from the environment and purified using filters.

Hydraulic systems use liquids, such as water or oil.

Pneumatic use of compressed gas, such as air.

Examples of hydraulic systems: life tongs, dumper lifts, water guns, forklifts, cranes.

Examples of pneumatic systems: nail guns, dental tools, barber chairs, air brakes on buses and trucks.