Where can the rotary joint be used?

Date:18 Jun 2021

The times are advancing and the industry is also develo […]

The times are advancing and the industry is also developing. 1603 series female pipe swivel are almost involved in various industrial equipment. Many people only know what industries use rotary joints and which equipment is used on them. They don’t know very well. Today we will talk about it in detail. , Which machinery and equipment in which industries can be used.
1. Machinery manufacturing hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses, pneumatic and hydraulic related equipment, screw presses for cooling, clamping and gripping devices for punching and forging equipment, reduction equipment, coiling equipment for flexible hoses, rotary table mechanism, grinding Lubrication and cooling devices for mining equipment, machine tools, vacuum equipment, boring machines, combined machine tools.

2. Leather, artificial leather and synthetic leather Processing and manufacturing equipment for tanning, artificial leather and synthetic leather: coating machine, raw cloth machine, fine washing machine, hot roller press, roller drying equipment, etc.

3. Rubber and plastic calenders, screw extruders, mixing mixers, kneaders, rotary and laminators, rubber drum automatic vulcanizers and flat vulcanizers, injection molding machines, special rotary joints for internal mixers, hair dryers Bubble machine, sheet making machine, open mill, dryer, varnished cloth machine, varnished paper machine, etc.

4. Food Grain, food drying equipment, kneaders, vents, rolling crushing equipment, rotary drying equipment.

5. Building materials, plastic wallpaper processing equipment, testing equipment, printing machines, embossing machines, trench bottom printing machines, wood processing hot presses. Plate making machine for asbestos products. Processing equipment for cork products.

6. Geology Drilling rigs used for drilling petroleum or other minerals

7. Continuous casting machines for steelmaking, metal and alloy products, hot steel plate straightening machines, wire drawing, steel rolling machines, high-precision rolling equipment, extruders, rolling machines, wire and tube rolling equipment, loading and unloading machinery , Wet mill for manufacturing cemented carbide.

8. Papermaking Various paper processing equipment, such as the dryer swing of the paper machine, steaming ball, coating machine, calender, etc.

9. Fibre products Textile, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, hemp spinning industry, such as bed sheet scouring and bleaching machine, mercerizing machine, flat washing machine, vacuum dryer, precision pressing equipment, towel ironing machine, regulator, textile printing and dyeing drying equipment. Various chemical fiber products related processing equipment, etc.

10. Printing Rotary offset and gravure printing presses, layered drying equipment, mixers, etc.

The above is the information on which industries and specific equipment the rotary joint is used in. To summarize: it is used for liquid heating, cooling, drying and no matter whether the shape is conical, or with water, oil, air, salt water, gas, steam, etc. Rotary joints can be used in circular cone-shaped or roller-shaped equipment, whether it is equipment in any direction of sphere rotation, reciprocating rotation, or balance surface rotation, as well as equipment with matching connectivity such as pipes, clamps, and locks.