What problems can the hydraulic filter solve?

Date:01 Jun 2020

The role of hydraulic oil is usually to provide power t […]

The role of hydraulic oil is usually to provide power to the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil system that lubricates, cools and cleans the movement is one of the necessary conditions for the normal operation of the hydraulic filter. The cleanliness of the hydraulic filter is directly related to the life of the hydraulic components, so what problems can the hydraulic filter completely help you solve?


1. Impurity pollution: Particles around 5 μm are the main reasons for jamming the valve core, clogging the orifice, and depositing in the system. Particles above 15 μm will cause blockage of the orifice and accelerated wear of the element. The biggest threat to the spool and plunger is considered to be solid particles close to the radial gap between the spool and plunger.

2. Water pollution: The presence of water will cause rust in the circulation system, which can cause valve and system problems and also accelerate oil oxidation. The size of the acid value is closely related to the condition of oil oxidation is an important indicator to check the degree of oil oxidation.

There are two main reasons for the increase in oil temperature. One is that the amount of oil is insufficient, and the other is that the oil is contaminated. If it is the former case, it may have been caused during the design of the equipment, or the oil leakage of the hydraulic filter. In the latter case, the main reason is that the hydraulic filter is blocked, which causes the oil temperature to rise.
Under normal circumstances, the viscosity of the oil used for a long time will not change, except for the case of oil oxidation. In some experience, it has been found that the viscosity of the oil will decrease under the effect of time, so as long as the degree of oil oxidation increases, the viscosity will also increase.