What is the use of O-ring joints

Date:09 Jun 2021

In an O-ring boss system a male-threaded part is insert […]

In an O-ring boss system a male-threaded part is inserted into a female-threaded part, providing a mechanical seal. In an ORB seal an additional nut is tightened over the O-ring into a chamfered area, creating a fluid-tight seal. The AS568-901 through 932 O-ring sizes are used for sealing straight thread tube fittings in a boss.O-ring boss systems are most commonly used in hydraulics, compressed air systems and vacuum pumps.Flange seals are used for either internal or external pressure applications. These types of seals are available in a wide range of materials.Flange connections are typically used with tubing applications that have an OD greater than 7/8” or for extremely high pressures.


Typical flange applications use the O-ring to seal the joint to contain pressurized fluid in split-flange fittings. Split-flange assemblies contain four components; a permanent flanged head connected to the tube, an O-ring and two mating clamp halves with four bolts to connect the split-flange. The elastomeric O-ring sits in a groove on a flange and mates with a flat surface on the port. The O-ring flange is attached to the port using the mounting bolts to tighten down the O-ring flange onto the flange clamps.O-Rings are typically made of Buna-N or Viton. They are used in hydraulic fittings to provide one of the tightest seals available. The elastomeric seal provides a leak-proof, drop-in replacement for SAE 37° flared tube fittings, literally eliminating hydraulic leaks when used properly.


They are solvent, oil and water resistant and used in applications with temperatures ranging from.They are the simplest type of O-ring material and provide excellent sealing properties and durability is commonly used with crude oil, gasoline, propane, petroleum oils and water. O-ring s made of his material are frequently found in engines, gearboxes and many other applications ranging from shower heads and garden hoses to pumps in aircrafts.Buna-N O-Rings are frequently used as face to face gasket style seals or as a shaft seals, and easily allow both rotary and linear movement.These O-Rings often serve as a packing or toric joint, which is simply a mechanical gasket creating a seal at the interface.


They provide outstanding resistance to ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals. Viton O-rings provide excellent permeability and compression set resistance and have low gas permeability. They are ideal as gaskets in fuel line system sealing applications.Other fluorocarbon compounds can also offer improved resistance to acids, fuels, water and steam.The bonded seal consists of a metal outside ring and an inner ring of rubber elastomer that acts as a gasket to provide the sealing action. The basic concept of bonded seals can also be used to produce customized shapes for specific applications where combinations of rubber to metal or plastic bonding are applicable.