What is magnesium alloy semi-solid die casting

Date:04 Aug 2021

Semi-solid die casting uses the principle of shear thin […]

Semi-solid die casting uses the principle of shear thinning of semi-solid slurry to subject it to shear stress field during the filling process to improve the filling capacity and obtain perfect casting surface quality.

Characteristics of magnesium alloy semi-solid die casting:

①Light weight

The density of magnesium alloy is 1.83, which is 2/3 of aluminum and 1/4 of iron. It is the lightest metal among practical metals. It is mainly used in electronic products and is used in various lightweight products. The lightweight of various products can save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions;

②Excellent strength

Magnesium alloy and plastic items have a larger specific gravity than plastic, but it has stronger bending elasticity and tensile strength, and can be formed into thin-walled products. For the same strength requirements, it can be formed into lightweight products;

③Good heat dissipation

Magnesium alloy has good heat transfer characteristics, with a thermal conductivity of 150W/mk, which can effectively dissipate the internal heat of the machine;

④Good electromagnetic wave shielding

In the domestic and foreign markets, many digital products are prone to emit electromagnetic clutter, so these products must control the clutter within the specified range of electromagnetic waves. Magnesium alloys have high electromagnetic wave shielding performance;

⑤ Regenerative

Magnesium alloy is a metal, and it is easier to remelt. It can be regenerated into raw materials. The energy of magnesium alloy used for regeneration is only 4% of the production of new raw materials. Increase the utilization rate of recycled materials. Magnesium alloy will become an economical and practical material that optimizes the environment;

⑥Vibration damping

Magnesium alloy has vibration damping properties, and the use of magnesium alloy can reduce noise and prolong the service life of various devices;

⑦Dimensional stability

With the passage of temperature and time, the size of magnesium alloy products hardly changes, and the original size of the product is maintained for a long time;

⑧ Impact resistance

Because magnesium alloy has high impact resistance, it is not easy to dent and deform due to impact;

⑨Machining performance

Magnesium alloys are easy to process, which can greatly save processing time and processing costs;

⑩Rich resources

The seawater contains 0.13% of magnesium, and the ore also contains a large amount of magnesium. my country is the country with the largest reserves of magnesium ore in the world.