What are the types and functions of hydraulic accessories

Date:20 Oct 2021

1. Types of hydraulic accessories: The types of hydraul […]

1. Types of hydraulic accessories: The types of hydraulic accessories include directional control valves, pressure control valves, throttle valves, pressure gauges, level gauges, filters, coolers, joints, tubing, and seals. In addition to the applied components of the hydraulic system other than the power source, the control part, and the actuator, the others are called accessories. Such as filters, air cooling, liquid level gauges, thermometers, etc. The hydraulic system is composed of many such hydraulic accessories, and such a system constitutes a complete hydraulic system.
2. The role of hydraulic accessories: hydraulic accessories are mainly used in hydraulic systems. The hydraulic system is composed of various hydraulic accessories. The hydraulic system is mainly used in domestic metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, and plastic machinery. , Printing machinery, engineering machinery, shoe machine and other machinery hydraulic equipment systems, these machinery all require hydraulic accessories, currently in the market hydraulic accessories are widely used in various industries.