What are the tips for maintaining hydraulic accessories?

Date:03 Jul 2020

When using hydraulic accessories, the performance of it […]

When using hydraulic accessories, the performance of its power mechanism will gradually weaken, so when using hydraulic accessories, we must pay attention to its maintenance.
1. Before using the equipment, wear protective articles to avoid damage during operation.
2. The adjustment handle on the machine has been adjusted to the best state before it came out from the manufacturer. If it is not a debugger, do not adjust it easily.
3. There should not be too many impurities on the work surface and the mold. After adjusting the working pressure and the stroke of the slider, let it run for a period of time to ensure that there is no problem before it can be used normally.

4. Before starting the equipment, check whether its photoelectric protection device is normal, the sensitivity of all the travel switches, and whether the fasteners are loose.
5. The operator must have a wealth of professional knowledge, and can only operate after obtaining the certification of the relevant institution. Because not all people will operate the hydraulic accessory system correctly, when unprofessional personnel operate it will cause damage to the machine, and it also has a certain degree of danger.
It is mainly used under corrosive conditions. Used most in the chemical industry. Because there are many corrosive media such as acid and alkali in the chemical industry. Stainless steel itself can be anti-corrosive, but under certain conditions may reduce or even lose anti-corrosion performance, so the MALE PIPE Suppliers is also related to the environment.
In fact, there are many types of stainless steel, and specific media should use specific stainless steel. For example, urea stainless steel is a special kind of stainless steel, which is specially used to prevent the corrosion of urea.