What are the main hydraulic accessories?

Date:08 Jun 2020

Hydraulic accessories are basically used in any machine […]

Hydraulic accessories are basically used in any machine manufacturing, and its practicality is indispensable in today's society! What are the members of the hydraulic accessories family? Next, let me introduce to you which components are mainly included in the hydraulic accessories:

The hydraulic accessories family mainly consists of these members:


1. Hydraulic motor: gear hydraulic motor, blade hydraulic motor, plunger hydraulic motor, etc.;
2. Actuator: piston hydraulic cylinder, plunger hydraulic cylinder, swing hydraulic cylinder, combined hydraulic cylinder, etc.;
3. Power components: gear pump, vane pump, plunger pump, screw pump, etc.;
4. Flow control valve: throttle valve, speed regulating valve, diverter valve, etc.;
5. Pressure control valve: overflow valve, pressure reducing valve, sequence valve, pressure relay, etc.;
6. Control element: directional control valve: one-way valve, directional valve, etc.;
7. Auxiliary components: accumulator, filter, cooler, heater, oil pipe, pipe joint, oil tank, pressure gauge, flow meter, sealing device, etc.