What are the benefits of electroplating for aluminum die castings

Date:30 Apr 2021

Many automobiles and sports Threads reducer equipment p […]

Many automobiles and sports Threads reducer equipment products used in our daily life have beautiful appearances, all of which are plated with one or more layers of metal or alloy. For example, the pedals and radiators on the aluminum alloy bicycles we buy are mostly electroplated with nickel/chromium plating, and most of them are electroplated with black, gold, silver and other metal plating or aluminum anodized. These coatings are mainly used for decoration and beautification, but also for protection.


After electroplating, there is a "gorgeous coat" on the surface, which can obtain functional, decorative and protective metal coatings on various raw metal materials. Its products are ubiquitous, no matter in any field or in Every aspect of people's food, clothing, housing and transportation, even in you, can find the shining point of the electroplating results of die castings.When electroplating die-casting parts, it is necessary to have a good bond between the coating and the product itself, but we all know that there is an extremely fine oxide film on the surface of the die-casting part. Even if this oxide film is removed, it will be very short.


Rapid production of new ones within a short period of time, this layer of film seriously blocked the combination of plating and aluminum.Therefore, the electroplating of die castings has a pivotal position in the economic main body of the manufacturing industry. It is an indispensable and important part of the production process in most industries and cannot be replaced by other processes. The use of electroplating can be so great that you can't imagine it, and there are too many uses. The surface treatment of aluminum alloy die castings is to make it more widely used. Our factory will pay close attention to the development of these technologies.