What are the applications of magnesium alloy die castings in automobiles

Date:16 Apr 2021

1. Application advantages of magnesium alloys in automo […]

1. Application advantages of magnesium alloys in automobiles


Compared with other Flat Face Seal  metals, magnesium alloy has many performance characteristics:


①The density is small. For example, the density of AZ91 magnesium alloy is 1.81g·cm-3, which is about 2/3 of aluminum and 1/4 of steel, which is close to the density of engineering plastics.


②Tensile strength, yield strength and elongation are equivalent to aluminum alloy castings.


③It has good electromagnetic shielding performance, anti-radiation performance, high-precision machining, and good thermal conductivity. Used on die-cast automobile wheels, it can effectively dissipate braking friction heat and improve braking stability;


④It has good die-casting performance and dimensional stability, and the minimum wall thickness of die-casting parts can reach 0.15 mm, which is suitable for manufacturing all kinds of automobile die-casting parts;


⑤It has a good damping coefficient, and has better shock absorption performance than aluminum alloy and cast iron. It can reduce noise when used in the shell, and it can reduce vibration when used in the seat and rim to improve the safety and comfort of the car;


⑥Easy to recycle and regenerate. The recovered magnesium alloy can be directly melted and then cast without reducing its mechanical properties.


Relevant research conclusions: For every 100kg reduction in vehicle mass, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by 0.7L, and the vehicle's own weight can be reduced by 10%, and the fuel efficiency can be improved by 5.5%. The increasingly serious energy crisis and increasingly stringent environmental protection laws and regulations have led to rising demands for weight reduction and energy conservation in modern automobiles. Lightweight has become the main development direction of automobile selection. Magnesium alloy has become a lightweight material for automobiles, and its development and application have attracted the attention of all countries.