Types of Hydraulic Fittings

Date:07 Jan 2020

In most hydraulic systems, metal is used more than plas […]

In most hydraulic systems, metal is used more than plastic because high voltages require the use of higher resistance materials.

Hydraulic accessories are components used to connect hoses, pipes and tubes in hydraulic systems. Generally, hydraulic equipment works under high pressure and is usually not a fixed system. Therefore, in order to function effectively and safely in the corresponding application, hydraulic accessories must be durable, versatile and reliable. Generally, these fittings meet strict standards that specify proper design, size, and pressure rating.

Features of accessories
Hydraulic accessories can integrate many features to provide the additional functions needed for a particular application.

Accessory type
Telescopic joints and joints connect pipe sections and allow movement due to use of loads, shocks or thermal cycling.
Attach Fittings-Used to install or attach fittings when the system is under pressure.
Pre-Insulated Fittings-Consists of insulating products or building jackets designed to isolate containers and media from external temperatures.
The flexible fitting can be moved without damage.
Lined accessories-with integrated lining. The liner is made of a polymer for use in process materials or food processing applications where the cleanliness of the media is critical.
Partition fittings should be installed on either side of a wall or barrier to allow piping connections.