Related functions of hydraulic equipment

Date:25 Aug 2021

Hydraulic equipment uses pressurized fluid to perform v […]

Hydraulic equipment uses pressurized fluid to perform various machining operations. In hydraulic machinery, an engine or electric motor drives a pressurized hydraulic pump. Then, the liquid is sent to the actuator machine through the hydraulic pipe, and the actuator uses the liquid pressure To complete the specified task, the liquid passes through the filter and returns to the pump, where it is usually re-pressurized. The hydraulic oil is a polyolefin composed of mineral oil or organic phosphate. Other compounds can also be used.


It has a very wide range of uses in many industrial and hydraulic power drive devices. Because of its versatility, and can achieve high power through a relatively simple method, most of the hydraulic power of heavy construction machinery is cranes and elevators. , Bulldozers and excavators use gas engines to provide power for hydraulic pumps.

Hydraulic power is also the main power of most industrial facilities. It is usually directly or indirectly responsible for most of the automated parts of mobile robots. The design of presses and lathes includes hydraulic systems, while pullers, punches, clutches and brakes usually work together with hydraulic systems .

Hydraulic equipment works with various valves, pumps, filters, and actuators, including check valves to prevent liquid backflow. Balance valves provide flow resistance under certain conditions. The hydraulic pressure is usually converted into mechanical force by driving a piston to pump Filter to remove damaged debris and particles in the liquid.More about:hydraulic fittings