Hydraulic hose standards

Date:14 Feb 2020

Standards for hydraulic hoses include ISO, BSI, SAE, DI […]

Standards for hydraulic hoses include ISO, BSI, SAE, DIN, API and CETOP. Most proprietary hoses meet a standard. The SAE standard is the most widely used standard in the United States. The SAE standard provides universal, size, and performance specifications for the most common hoses used in mobile and stationary equipment hydraulic systems.

Surpass standard
When comparing hose manufacturers, it is best to consider hoses that exceed the minimum performance of SAE and meet or exceed other certifications (such as ISO) to achieve the best combination of performance, life and production costs.

SAE: old spare
SAE is based on construction technology and materials for hydraulic hoses. Various application parameters required when selecting a hose include size, temperature, fluid type and pressure. According to these standards, the choice of hose structure will vary depending on the situation. Most hydraulic presses are not heterogeneous, and usually your standard 100R1 or 100R2 (1- and 2-wire respectively) hoses are suitable. However, when extreme pressure or foreign liquids occur, fewer options are available for the hose.