How to check if the wiper is malfunctioning?

Date:21 Jan 2020

1. First, find out which wiper your car is using; 2. Pu […]

1. First, find out which wiper your car is using;

2. Pull up the wiper blade / wiper blade and touch it with your finger on the cleaned rubber wiper blade to check whether the rubber blade is damaged and elastic. If the scraper ages, hardens and cracks appear;

3. Check the condition of the wiper and whether the wiper lever is uneven or missing. If the following three situations occur, the wiper / wiper is unqualified. First, the contact surface of the rubber and the glass surface cannot completely adhere to each other. Second, the swing is not smooth and the wiper / wiper cannot move normally. Residues; Third, the water surface of the glass surface after wiping produces fine streaks, fogging and linear residues on the glass; the wiper / wiper blade is malfunctioning;

4. During the test, you must pay attention to whether the motor has abnormal noise, and you should pay attention to it when the wiper / wiper motor “squeaks” and does not rotate. This indicates that the wiper / wiper mechanical transmission part is rusted or stuck. At this time, the wiper / wiper switch should be turned off immediately to prevent the motor from burning out;

5. During the test, place the wiper / wiper switch at different speed positions to check whether the wiper / wiper blades maintain a certain speed at different speeds, especially during intermittent operation.