Digital transformation of the hardware accessories industry is decisively better than the supply chain

Date:03 Dec 2020

As the world’s largest steel producer and the world’s m […]

As the world’s largest steel producer and the world’s most populous country, China has the advantage of low cost of raw materials and labor for manufacturing hardware products. The vigorous development of China’s industry has created a huge demand for hardware. In addition, with the continuous development of the national economy, The automotive industry, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental protection machinery, machine tools, etc. have increasingly higher requirements for hardware, springs and basic parts. Product performance, quality, reliability, variety, specifications and requirements are getting higher and higher. The substantial increase in exports in the international market has created an unprecedented huge demand in the hardware industry.

According to the "2020-2025 China Hardware Accessories Industry Supply and Demand Analysis and Development Prospects Research Report" of the China Research Institute of Puhua Research Institute, the hardware products industry is currently operating well, the domestic and foreign sales are growing significantly, the import and export are growing rapidly, and various economic indicators are rising rapidly. The industry as a whole basically recovered to the level before the financial crisis. In recent years, my country's hardware exports have maintained a steady growth trend. my country has become a major hardware processing and export country in the world. It has a broad market and consumption potential. It is expected that the annual export volume will continue to grow by 10-15% in the future.

The industry is developing rapidly, but there are still shortcomings:
After more than 20 years of hard work in reform and opening up, my country's hardware industry has made great achievements, which have had a positive impact on the world's hardware industry, and attracted the attention of all countries in the world to the Chinese hardware industry. Although our company has made great progress in terms of scale, product quality, innovation capabilities, etc., there are many problems and big challenges in maintaining sustainable development.

Plan management:
Production plan: The product structure is complex, the manufacturing industry is complex, the cycle length of each component in the product is different, and the process route of the product processing industry is uncertain, resulting in dynamic changes in management objects, increasing uncertain factors in the production process, and also leading to the formulation Production and procurement planning is very difficult;

Capacity planning: Due to the large number of semi-finished products and the complexity of the manufacturing industry, the capacity load situation often makes it impossible for the riser to understand. Whether the order can be delivered on time and whether there is still capacity to arrange production has become a major issue for managers. Troubled.More about:stainless steel fittings factory