About the advantages of using stainless steel welded pipe.

Date:11 Jul 2020

About the advantages of using stainless steel welded pi […]

About the advantages of using stainless steel welded pipe:
1. The production of stainless steel welded pipe will not cause too much pollution. According to statistics, the production of 1 ton of stainless steel welded pipe produces only 0.2 kg of residual mud, and the main component of these particles is sand and the residual mud will not occur with air or water. Chemical reaction, in addition, no toxic gas will be generated in the production process of stainless steel pipes. The cooling water is ordinary tap water, and the recycling rate is very high. 2. If you do not even need to anneal for the production of decorative and structural tubes, you only need to polish to be semi-finished products, and the production of fluid delivery tubes is now using online annealing technology, which does not require pickling and prevents waste acid during the pickling process. the effect on the environment.

The developed countries such as Japan and Italy also retain the hydraulic standard fittings Suppliers industry, which shows that the development of this industry is still optimistic. 3. Stainless steel welded pipe is a very energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. In terms of using stainless steel water pipes, its advantages are mainly manifested in several aspects. The first is that the stainless steel welded pipe does not become brittle at low temperature and has good thermal insulation performance at high temperature, so no energy waste will be caused when hot water is delivered. Secondly, the internal surface of the stainless steel welded pipe is smooth, the frictional resistance is small, and it is clean and hygienic, which reduces the waste of energy during water transfer. After all, energy saving is of great significance.

For example, Japan, Singapore and other countries basically use stainless steel welded pipes as a large amount because of the low fresh water. The leakage rate of the conveying water pipe is about 8% lower than that of carbon steel pipe, and it can basically be used for more than 70 years, without worrying about damage to the pipeline due to corrosion. In addition, the stainless steel welded pipe can guarantee 100% recycling. Waste stainless steel welded pipes can also be recycled 100% without causing pollution, which is in line with the requirements of the scientific development concept of energy conservation and environmental protection advocated by the country.